Peggy Sands Orchowski

Peggy (Dr. Margaret) Sands Orchowski Ph.D. has been the credentialed Congressional Correspondent for the Hispanic Outlook on Higher Education magazine in Washington DC since 2006.  Her new book “The Law That Changed the Face of America: the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965” was published by Rowman & Littlefield in September in time for the 50th anniversary of its signing.

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Arts and Media June 2024 Premium

News From Washington

The number of Hispanic college graduates, especially women, has significantly increased. Meanwhile, universities face protests, balancing free speech and enforcement. Immigration remains a contentious election issue, with a bipartisan border tightening "poison pill" provision facing opposition, complicating legislative efforts and impacting upcoming elections.

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News From Washington May 2024

There are currently rising concerns about student voter registration favoring conservative demographics, escalating college costs leading to financial aid confusion, and campus violence intersecting with freedom of speech amid socio-political tensions.  

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March 2024 marks Super Tuesday in the election cycle, with 16 states holding primaries. Candidates face significant challenges, including Biden's perceived frailties and Trump's legal issues. Deep divides exist on issues like housing costs, immigration, and college campus controversies, shaping the political landscape

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles at top universities have been triggered by leaders' controversial responses to campus antisemitism. EI's impact on decision-making is questioned, prompting a reevaluation of its role amid accusations and resignations. Meanwhile, the American Dream is explored, with immigrants expressing stronger belief in upward mobility and success through hard work, despite challenges and disparities in opportunities.

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News From Washington January 2024

 It is anticipated that the year 2024 will bring disconcerting developments, particularly in Congress, focusing on the November presidential election, the influence of the monolithic Latino Vote, student loans, hate speech on campuses, and immigration decisions affecting Dreamers. The exclusion of Dreamers from immigration measures and the considerations for immigration reform in 2024 will likely play a significant role in the political landscape of the upcoming year.

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News From Washington December 2023

The Biden administration’s efforts with regard to student loan forgiveness face challenges due to issues like fraud management, leading to disapproval by the Supreme Court. Additionally, a significant rise in international students, especially from China and India, raises concerns about the impact on U.S. colleges and students, including financial reliance and potential issues related to diversity, intellectual property, and immigration.

Administration November 2023 Premium

News From Washington November 2023

Hispanic voters in the United States are a growing and diverse group, impacting politics with varying concerns. At the same time, conflicts surrounding free speech on college campuses are discussed, as well as how the Government shutdowns are taking place and being perceived.

Administration August 2023 Premium

News from Washington

The 2023 "Road to Majority" conference, organized by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, focused on conservative Republicans and their outreach to Hispanic voters. The conference featured GOP presidential candidates, discussed various issues like abortion and Hispanic-related topics, and indicated support for a federal law on limited abortion rights.

Administration June 2023 Premium

News from Washington - June 2023

College students are changing their focus when choosing higher education institutions. While colleges offer upgraded amenities, dorms, gyms and leisure spaces as a plus, students are now basing their choices on political beliefs. This article also discusses the need to encourage international education.

Administration May 2023 Premium

News from Washington - May 2023

Stanford Law student discusses the silencing of moderate students by far-left students. Also, A Pew Research Center survey unveiled that there is a decline of Hispanics that identify as Catholic and many are becoming more diverse in their political and religious beliefs.