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Global December 2017

Holiday Travel Chaos Looms

Thousands of people remain stranded in Atlanta even after power is restored at the world's busiest airport. For the time being, President Donald Trump is not considering firing Robert Mueller. Trump is set to reveal his "America First" security plan. Olympic athletes are facing challenges related to climate change.

Global December 2017

Trump Signs, Lauds Tax Overhaul, off to Florida for Holidays (Beyond Education)

President Donald Trump signed the $1.5 trillion tax overhaul into law Friday, using his last moments in the White House before flying to Florida for the holidays to celebrate a much-needed political win. He also signed a temporary spending bill to keep the government running and provide money to upgrade the nation's missile defenses. The tax cut, which fulfilled a long-held Republican goal, was at the forefront of Trump's mind.

Global November 2016

Indiana University Students Hold Unity Rally after Election

Students at Indiana University have gathered for a unity rally following the election. A crowd turned out Thursday night at Showalter Fountain on the school's Bloomington campus to celebrate values of dignity and respect. Participants held signs including ones reading "Sanctuary Campus NOW," with some students calling on the school to stand in the way of potential deportations. President-elect Donald Trump launched his candidacy on an anti-immigrant sentiment and has vowed to repeal a key Obama administration program that shields hundreds of thousands of people from deportation. His election brought fear of deportations.

Global October 2016

Political Science & Politics Special Issue: Elections in Focus

The Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump presidential race has shown that we should all expect the unexpected--but what can we actually expect from the US election? With just weeks to go before Americans go to the polls, this month's Special Issue of PS: Political Science & Politics asks top pollsters to offer their predictions.

Hispanic Community January 2018

Homeland Chief: Wait and See on Citizenship for Immigrants [Beyond Education]

The Trump administration would consider immigration legislation that includes a pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of young people, the U.S. Homeland Security secretary said Tuesday, while emphasizing no decision on that issue has been made and a border wall remains the priority. Congress is considering three options, including citizenship or permanent legal status for people who were temporarily shielded from deportation, Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in an interview.

Global January 2018

President's Supporters Circle the Wagons

Every Monday, Hispanic Outlook runs a special feature where we give our readers a rundown of the top news stories of the day. Story topics include the White House, the Golden Globes, health care, North and South Korea, the city of Atlanta, China, the environment, and the newest television models.

Hispanic Community January 2018

The Latest: US to End Special Protections for Salvadorans [Beyond Education]

Officials say the Trump administration is ending special protections for Salvadoran immigrants, forcing nearly 200,000 to leave the country or face deportation. El Salvador is the fourth country whose citizens have lost Temporary Protected Status under President Donald Trump. They have by far been the largest beneficiaries of the program, which provides humanitarian relief for foreigners whose countries are hit with natural disasters or other strife.

Global January 2018

AP News Guide: Big Decisions Await Congress on Immigration [Beyond Education]

Before a potential government shutdown at midnight Friday night, a host of leftover Washington business is bottled up in Congress (stopgap spending, budget caps, disaster aid and children’s health), waiting on a deal to prevent the deportation of young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children and an agreement on other immigration-related issues, including President Trump's long-sought U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Health Care January 2018

Deportation Fears Have Legal Immigrants Avoiding Health Care [Beyond Education]

The number of legal immigrants from Latin American nations who access public health services and enroll in federally subsidized insurance plans has dipped substantially since President Donald Trump took office, many of them fearing their information could be used to identify and deport relatives living in the U.S. illegally, according to health advocates across the country.