Technology December 2020

Trump Administration Vs. Facebook

The DOJ is alleging that Facebook’s hiring practices discriminate against hiring qualified U.S. workers in favor of H-1B visa holders. Facebook disputes the allegations.

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Technology April 2024 Premium

Sembrando STEM Semillas: The Transformative Impact of Latinx Faculty-Student Relationships at Community Colleges

Latinx students at community colleges benefit greatly from the presence of Latinx STEM faculty who understand their experiences, providing mentorship and creating empowering environments. These interactions foster a sense of belonging, break stereotypes, and pave the way for success in STEM fields, highlighting the crucial role of community colleges in Latinx STEM education.

Technology January 2024 Premium

Transformation is the Key at Northern New Mexico College

Hector Balderas, President of Northern New Mexico College, shares his inspiring journey from poverty to success. As Attorney General, he prioritized family and victim empowerment. Now, as college president, he aims to transform the institution, emphasizing student support and cultural richness for nationwide appeal.  

Technology July 2023 Premium

A solas con la inteligencia artificial

La inteligencia artificial satisface el deseo humano de que alguien piense por nosotros. Sin embargo, existen peligros y preocupaciones, especialmente en el ámbito educativo. Aunque los chatbots son útiles, no son infalibles, y la IA está limitada por los prejuicios humanos. Es crucial enseñar a los estudiantes a lidiar con la frustración de comprender el mundo, incluso con herramientas poderosas como la IA.

Technology May 2023 Premium

Los Andes: A Biodiverse Wonder

Latin America is a naturally heterogeneous space: mountains, plains, plateaus, jungles, forests, and deserts, like a simple brushstroke, make up a territory whose vastness is magnificent.

Technology May 2023 Premium

Online Learning: A World of Possibilities

With technologies that provide personalized, engaging, and flexible learning experiences, online learning offers more than just traditional Zoom classes. The use of different technologies that are constantly evolving, such as VR, AR, and AI, make online learning a door to even greater opportunities for learning.

Technology May 2023 Premium

How AI is Changing the Education Landscape

AI should not be viewed in a negative light, as it offers many opportunities to enhance learning and adapt content to different types of learners and situations. It should be used critically, however, since it still has limitations with regard to accuracy. At the University of Phoenix, content designers and instructors view AI as a useful tool, and as a complement to human inputs rather than a replacement for them.