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Arts and Media July 2024 Premium

School Library July 2024

This month featuring books on Health in Latin America from Amazon and Medicine in Latin America from the University of Pittsburgh Press   

Arts and Media June 2024 Premium

The Future of Liberal Arts and the Humanities

Liberal arts education, despite the misconception that it fosters political liberalism, is essential for developing critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and a well-rounded understanding of various disciplines. This education, which is rooted in ancient Greco-Roman traditions and is crucial for preparing individuals for diverse roles in society, should be integrated with STEM education to address future challenges and maintain our essence of humanity.

Arts and Media June 2024 Premium

La lección olvidada

 Francis Fukuyama’s assertion that history ended with liberal democracy’s triumph after the Cold War is examined. Through experiences in a Cuban totalitarian regime, the author underscores democratic principles’ importance. In the U.S., rising extremism and disillusionment with democracy reflect totalitarian tendencies, highlighting democracy’s vital role.

Arts and Media June 2024 Premium

News From Washington

The number of Hispanic college graduates, especially women, has significantly increased. Meanwhile, universities face protests, balancing free speech and enforcement. Immigration remains a contentious election issue, with a bipartisan border tightening "poison pill" provision facing opposition, complicating legislative efforts and impacting upcoming elections.

Arts and Media June 2024 Premium

Tango: Un arte inclusivo

Tango, an inclusive art form, traces its roots from diverse cultural influences. Born thanks to immigrants’ contributions, it represents a universal language of connection fostering an authentic embrace through acceptance, bonding, containment and freedom

Arts and Media June 2024 Premium

HOLA: A Beacon of Light for Latino Artists

The Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA), founded in 1975, champions Latino talent in the arts, promoting diversity and cultural heritage through various programs and events. Transitioning to the Hispanic Organization of Latin Artists, HOLA now supports Latino artists across all creative disciplines, fostering success and visibility globally.

Arts and Media June 2024 Premium

Undocumented Immigrants: An Inseparable Part of California’s Economy

Despite significant contributions to various sectors, undocumented immigrants are often wrongly viewed as burdens due to unfounded perceptions. Many hold degrees and work in diverse industries, boosting the economy significantly. They pay taxes without benefiting from many services because of their illegal status. We should promote their inclusion and path to citizenship.