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News From Washington / July 2024

Summer in DC features embassy galas like the Dominican Republic’s cultural showcase, Biden's campaign mirrors Obama's DACA strategy to legalize immigrant spouses, and the Folger's Library reopens with exhibitions and debates on the difficulties of translating Shakespeare's work.

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Unique Program at UC Irvine: Trains Physicians to Serve California’s Latino Communities

The UCI PRIME-LC program, established in 2004, trains physicians to serve and lead in California’s underserved Latino communities. This five-year program, integrating advanced medical training with leadership development, requires strong Latino community ties and Spanish skills. The curriculum emphasizes participatory learning, health disparities, and clinical rotations in low-income areas, culminating in a Latin America rotation. Graduates often practice in California, focusing on community health and leadership roles.

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Drug Abuse and Education

According to a recent Rand study, there is a direct correlation between drug abuse and educational achievement. The less education one acquires, the more dismal the consequences. It is yet another story to be shared among Hispanics.