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Frank DiMaria is a freelance writer living South Carolina. When he’s not writing he teaches computer science and digital literacy in a middle school in Fort Mill.

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Hispanic Community March 2024 Premium

Two Immigrants Connect on Shark Tank

Johanna Windon’s journey from immigrant child struggling with language barriers to successful entrepreneur and Shark Tank contestant showcases resilience and the transformative power of education. Her experience as a teacher provided valuable skills for her restaurant business, culminating in a $400,000 deal with Robert Herjavec.

Administration February 2024 Premium

Rising Number of International Students: A Boon for US Colleges

US colleges have seen an increase in international student enrollment after a decrease during the pandemic. Due to the global recognition of the US as an education destination, many choose it to pursue their higher education studies. These individuals, who face additional challenges such as financial concerns and limited work opportunities, bring diverse perspectives that benefit their institutions as well as the American students they study with.   

Technology January 2024 Premium

Transformation is the Key at Northern New Mexico College

Hector Balderas, President of Northern New Mexico College, shares his inspiring journey from poverty to success. As Attorney General, he prioritized family and victim empowerment. Now, as college president, he aims to transform the institution, emphasizing student support and cultural richness for nationwide appeal.  

Administration December 2023 Premium

Lester Rápalo: In the Business of Changing Lives

Dr. Lester Edgardo Sandres Rápalo, the first Latino and Honduran president of Rockland Community College, is pleased with a 6% increase in enrollment, However, he yearns for more and prioritizes boosting enrollment, addressing facility constraints, and pursuing national recognition like the Aspen Prize.

Administration August 2023 Premium

Ending the Apartheid System at America’s Elite Colleges

America's elite colleges primarily serve to perpetuate affluence and privilege among wealthy students. These colleges offer substantial support to affluent students while providing little help to the disadvantaged. The author suggests that elite colleges need to address these issues and take meaningful steps to increase access for low-income and minority students.

Technology April 2023 Premium

Educators Struggle to Make Sense of ChatGPT

As GPT is designed to respond to text-based queries and generate natural language responses, students can easily access complete essays on any topic. That is why educational institutions, although they understand the potential of this cutting-edge technology, are exploring methods to stop students from using it to plagiarize.