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Top 50 Community Colleges for Hispanics

Each year, Hispanic Outlook recognizes the invaluable support that community colleges across the country offer to Hispanic/Latino students, as part of their mission to provide opportunities to students from the widest spectrum of American society – particularly those who are better served by local, flexible course schedules, affordable fees and practical, career- oriented pathways. 

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Administration December 2023 Premium

Lester Rápalo: In the Business of Changing Lives

Dr. Lester Edgardo Sandres Rápalo, the first Latino and Honduran president of Rockland Community College, is pleased with a 6% increase in enrollment, However, he yearns for more and prioritizes boosting enrollment, addressing facility constraints, and pursuing national recognition like the Aspen Prize.

Administration December 2023 Premium

News From Washington December 2023

The Biden administration’s efforts with regard to student loan forgiveness face challenges due to issues like fraud management, leading to disapproval by the Supreme Court. Additionally, a significant rise in international students, especially from China and India, raises concerns about the impact on U.S. colleges and students, including financial reliance and potential issues related to diversity, intellectual property, and immigration.

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From Campus to Community: Latinx Students’ Commitment to Giving Back

As Latino students, driven by a desire to give back, seek opportunities for positive change in their communities, educational institutions should recognize and support this commitment by creating validating spaces, offering internship opportunities aligned with service, and providing financial support for conferences to foster connections and mentorship.

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News From Washington November 2023

Hispanic voters in the United States are a growing and diverse group, impacting politics with varying concerns. At the same time, conflicts surrounding free speech on college campuses are discussed, as well as how the Government shutdowns are taking place and being perceived.

Administration November 2023 Premium

Supporting Multilingual Education in Illinois

In the Midwest, particularly in Illinois, there has been a growing Latino immigrant population, which has prompted the state to implement bilingual policies to support their educational needs. The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s College of Education has created the Bilingual-Bicultural program to address these needs and promote an asset-based approach to teaching and learning within linguistically diverse communities.