Rafael C. Castillo, Ph.D.

Rafael C. Castillo, Ph.D., a professor of English and Humanities at Palo Alto College, is the author of Dostoevsky on Guadalupe Street (Peter Lang International), Aurora (Floricanto Press), Distant Journeys (Bilingual Review Press) and scholarly articles in Oxford Bibliographies, English Journal, Arizona Quarterly, Frank (Paris), New Mexico Humanities Review, CC-Humanities Review with fiction anthologized in Lone Star Literature (Norton), Under the Pomegranate Tree (Washington Square Press) and New Growth (Corona Press). He is the former editor of ViAztlan: International Journal of Arts and Ideas and serves as Co-Editor of CTN: A Journal of Pedagogy and Creativity (New Haven, CT), the official journal of Catch the Next, Inc. (a college-readiness program).        


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The Future of Liberal Arts and the Humanities

Liberal arts education, despite the misconception that it fosters political liberalism, is essential for developing critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and a well-rounded understanding of various disciplines. This education, which is rooted in ancient Greco-Roman traditions and is crucial for preparing individuals for diverse roles in society, should be integrated with STEM education to address future challenges and maintain our essence of humanity.