Top 50 Community Colleges for Hispanics

This year, Hispanic Outlook presents its readers with an expanded list of top community colleges for Hispanics, honoring the work of institutions across the country that serve the highest number of Hispanic/Latino students.

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Administration April 2024

Top 50 Community Colleges for Hispanics

Each year, Hispanic Outlook recognizes the invaluable support that community colleges across the country offer to Hispanic/Latino students, as part of their mission to provide opportunities to students from the widest spectrum of American society – particularly those who are better served by local, flexible course schedules, affordable fees and practical, career- oriented pathways. 

Hispanic Community September 2023 Premium

Embracing Cultural Pride: Empowering Hispanic Futures in Higher Education

Dr. Godinez explores the intertwining of Hispanic heritage and the Back-to-School experience, highlighting cultural pride, educational challenges, and empowering futures. It emphasizes how cultural pride shapes identity, addresses educational obstacles, and empowers Hispanic students to advocate for their community and future generations through higher education



Administration April 2024 Premium

New Leaders April 2024

At H.O. we congratulate new education leaders that have embarked on the challenging but very rewarding journey of education leadership.  

Arts and Media April 2024 Premium

Honoring Pachamama

As April, Earth Month, unfolds, it heralds a significant occasion for global consciousness and renews our commitment to our planet. 

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Administration February 2024

Rising Number of International Students: A Boon for US Colleges

US colleges have seen an increase in international student enrollment after a decrease during the pandemic. Due to the global recognition of the US as an education destination, many choose it to pursue their higher education studies. These individuals, who face additional challenges such as financial concerns and limited work opportunities, bring diverse perspectives that benefit their institutions as well as the American students they study with.   

Hispanic Community February 2024

The Forum on Education Abroad: Bringing Meaningful Education Abroad Opportunities to All Students

Guided by the Standards of Good Practice, The Forum on Education Abroad focuses on equity, diversity, and inclusion by promoting the development of culturally relevant study abroad programming through publications, courses, and events involving the expertise and perspectives of international educators across the sector. The Forum also encourages partnerships with in-country colleagues, aiming for mutually beneficial and culturally respectful education abroad experiences.  

Administration February 2024

This is NYU Buenos Aires

NYU Buenos Aires, part of the university’s global network, is a site that offers students a lively and enriching academic experience and full cultural immersion. Students tend to live in Argentine households and learn Spanish rapidly; they also have the opportunity to explore themes such as social justice with professors who are some of the country’s most respected and influential figures.

Administration February 2024

President Kenneth Jessell: Leading Florida International University to New Heights

Dr. Kenneth Jessell’s remarkable journey, from a first-generation college student to becoming President of Florida International University (FIU), highlights his commitment to student success. Under his leadership, FIU focuses on empowering first-generation and minority students, achieving notable academic accolades, and shaping a future vision for innovation and resilience.  

Health Care February 2024

Drug Abuse and Education

According to a recent Rand study, there is a direct correlation between drug abuse and educational achievement. The less education one acquires, the more dismal the consequences. It is yet another story to be shared among Hispanics. 

Administration February 2024

News From Washington

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles at top universities have been triggered by leaders' controversial responses to campus antisemitism. EI's impact on decision-making is questioned, prompting a reevaluation of its role amid accusations and resignations. Meanwhile, the American Dream is explored, with immigrants expressing stronger belief in upward mobility and success through hard work, despite challenges and disparities in opportunities.

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