Latino Donor Collaborative: Latino Involvement in STEM Fields on the Rise

The Latino Donor Collaborative, alongside the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, highlights the growing presence of Latinos in STEM fields, particularly in engineering and technology. This trend counters an impending shortage in engineering and tech fields, highlighting the need for support from corporations, academia, and government to sustain competitiveness.

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Administration April 2024

Top 50 Community Colleges for Hispanics

Each year, Hispanic Outlook recognizes the invaluable support that community colleges across the country offer to Hispanic/Latino students, as part of their mission to provide opportunities to students from the widest spectrum of American society – particularly those who are better served by local, flexible course schedules, affordable fees and practical, career- oriented pathways. 

Hispanic Community September 2023 Premium

Embracing Cultural Pride: Empowering Hispanic Futures in Higher Education

Dr. Godinez explores the intertwining of Hispanic heritage and the Back-to-School experience, highlighting cultural pride, educational challenges, and empowering futures. It emphasizes how cultural pride shapes identity, addresses educational obstacles, and empowers Hispanic students to advocate for their community and future generations through higher education



Administration May 2024 Premium

New Leaders May 2024

At H.O. we congratulate new education leaders that have embarked on the challenging but very rewarding journey of education leadership.  

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Hispanic Community August 2015

A Latina’s Passion for Culturally-Responsive Education

Much of her childhood was spent in the fields, picking onions, sugar beets, and broom corn, all while maintaining strong grades despite her migrant family’s itinerant life. Today, because of her experience, Dr. Socorro Herrera knows how to make a difference for all those who, like her, have lived a unique cultural experience that often goes overlooked in today’s educational setting.

Hispanic Community July 2015

Building False Crisis: The Role of the Media Covering Undocumented Immigrants

The role of mainstream news media is to be a watchdog of society. It means to be unbiased, offer surveillance, be the fourth estate of the government, and to take Voltaire’s words to heart: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Every trained journalist should know and practice the four pillars of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics, which are to: seek the truth and report it, minimize harm, be accountable, and act independently.

Global July 2015

California Colleges Lead in First Round of MLB 2015 Draft and the Dominican Republic Dominates Top International Draft Prospects

Hundreds of hopeful athletes have a chance to become professional major league baseball players each year during the Major League Baseball or MLB First-Year Player Draft. This three-day event, which ended June 10, involved 40 rounds where teams such as the Yankees, the Cardinals and the Red Sox negotiate for their top picks to join their ranks.

Hispanic Community July 2015

Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM)’s Upcoming Convention to Discuss STEM and Job Training Issues

Washington, DC--LATISM, a national leading organization of Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media, will be returning to DC for their 7th annual convention, which is to be held at the JW Marriott October 28 to 30, 2015. LATISM members, along with tech innovators, corporate leaders, policy experts, investors, and elected officials, will convene to showcase the contributions of the Latino community to technology, innovation, and economic growth. In addition, the conference will address the challenges and opportunities that we face as a nation with the continued shortage of STEM workers and a growing Hispanic population not equipped to fill the jobs of the next century. Latinos are projected to account for 75% of the growth in the nation’s labor force by 2020, therefore, Latinos are the country’s untapped resource to contribute to the next generation of innovators.

Hispanic Community July 2015

Summer Institute Cultivates Emerging Minority Business Leaders

Fifty-four Latino and African-American university sophomores and juniors gathered last summer at the University of California (UC) at Davis School of Management to become future leaders for MBA programs nationwide. They participated in University of California's Summer Institute for Emerging Managers and Leaders (SIEML), a program designed to help increase the number of minority students considering MBA programs. The UC Davis Graduate School of Management was home to the third year of this program, which was established by six University of California schools in 2012 to attract more minorities to master's programs in business.

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