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Marciela Alvarado

Edward Torres


Cal State's Fullerton Arts Week. Life Lessons with an Artistic Fare
by Frank DiMaria
California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) came up with a clever way to teach its students about financial literacy. It used its Arts Week as the platform and a slightly-altered version of the Tony Award-winning musical Rent as the vehicle. click here

Latino Culture Takes Center Stage
by Diana Saenger
When some people don’t find what might have propelled them forward in life, they step out of the safe zone to create it for others. Such is the journey for Edward Torres, the co-founder and former artistic director for Teatro Vista Theatre where he produced more than 25 plays over the past 12 years. click here

The Old Spanish Masters Retain Popularity
by Michelle Adam
When people speak about the Old Masters of European painting, they are referring to artists who painted during a time period of 1300 to 1830, and whose works are characterized by extreme technical skill and a beauty and style that have remained popular through the centuries.

Museum of Latin American Art Presents Photographs by Manuel Carrillo
by Marilyn Gilroy
There was very little about Manuel Carrillo’s early life that pointed to a career in photography. Although born in Mexico City in 1906, he traveled back and forth between Mexico and the United States throughout several decades.

Hispanic Actress Wants to Make a Difference
by Diana Saenger
Many young girls dream about becoming a TV or movie star, or rock star. At the mere age of 5, Edith González Fuentes was in the right place at the right time to be discovered and ultimately start a career in show business.

Rivera Murals Designated National Historic Landmark
by Marilyn Gilroy
Diego Rivera’s ground-breaking murals at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) have received national historic landmark status.

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