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Mickey Ibarra

Shirley Acevedo Buontempo


Hispanics in America and in Higher Education by the Numbers
by Mary Ann Cooper
As we celebrated Hispanic Heritage month this year, HO took stock of the status of Hispanics in higher education – on both sides of the classroom desks. What is clear is there is no one statistic that sums up the degree of diversity on college campuses. Numbers vary widely depending on gender geography and, for first-generation Hispanic Americans or immigrants, the country of origin for themselves or their families. click here

Noteworthy Hispanics Who Have Lived Extraordinary Lives
by Mary Ann Cooper
The celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month would not be complete without a nod to this group of Hispanic artists, athletes, educators, royalty, physicians, scientists, soldiers, public officials, and clergy. Their efforts over the years have helped raise the consciousness of the world about the contributions of Hispanics and the challenges Hispanics have faced and brilliantly overcome. click here

Latino Leaders Network: A Legacy Built on Powerful Stories
by Sylvia Mendoza
For a long time, Mickey Ibarra couldn’t tell his personal story of overcoming certain obstacles in his young life to become the man he is today. With degrees in political science and special education, his professional life started with service in the Army. Then he became a high school teacher of at-risk students, a representative of the National Education Association, an entrepreneur, a political strategist, motivator and eventually served as assistant to President Bill Clinton.

Latino U Offers Help on College Selection and Application Process
by Frank DiMaria
Isaac Tejeira came to the U.S, as a teenager from Peru and performed poorly in high school. With few opportunities to further his education, he enrolled in a community college determined to turn his academic life around.

A National Imperative: Helping English Learners
by Yvette Donado
For a long time, I have wanted to offer my perspective on the needs of the nearly 6 million English learners (ELs) in our public schools. My interest is both professional and personal – I was an English learner myself. My parents came from Puerto Rico in search of opportunity, and I was born in New York City, growing up with Spanish as my first language.

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