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At Universal Technical Institute and Concorde Career Colleges, students are encouraged to explore alternative pathways in higher education, and consider one-year programs in transportation, energy, skilled trades, dental, and healthcare professions. UTI, Inc. is committed to provide hands-on experience and industry connections, offering accelerated programs catering to career readiness and advancement.

Within higher education, there are a variety of education pathways outside of traditional two-year and four-year programs. These include one-year academic programs that prepare graduates to pursue careers in the transportation, energy, skilled trades, dental, and healthcare professions.

Since 1965, at UTI, Inc., which includes Universal Technical Institute and Concorde Career Colleges, we’ve been committed to helping prepare our graduates for in-demand careers across several industries. We’ve done this by forging and nurturing industry and clinical relationships that can provide our students with real-world, accredited, hands-on educational experiences.

Offering a more direct route to career readiness, our accredited programs, many one-year or less, provide opportunities to those seeking to prepare for a quicker entry into the workforce without the commitment of a prolonged college tenure. After completing their initial program, graduates may pursue additional educational options. 

For example, our Automotive and Diesel Technician program graduates can enroll in a Manufacturer Specific Advanced Training (MSAT) Program that earns them additional credentials. Graduates of our Dental Assistant diploma program can return to school and complete the Dental Hygiene program. 

Other programs offered by UTI, Inc. are designed to address the demand for newer industries or lesser-known professions. These include Wind Turbine, Robotics and Automation, and Sterile Processing Technicians, the latter of which is crucial for safe and successful surgeries.

Some of our graduates’ careers have come full circle. One of our UTI graduates completed their Automotive Technician Training and BMW certification with UTI, went to work as a BMW technician, and returned in 2023 as an instructor. For other graduates, their education has allowed them to change fields. A recent Concorde alumna shifted from working in a hospital cafeteria to a job in sterile processing at the same hospital after completing their diploma program. They plan to further their career by earning an Associate Degree in Surgical Technology and becoming a Surgical Technologist.

Transportation, Skilled Trades, and Energy Programs at Universal Technical Institute

Universal Technical Institute has 16 campuses in nine states that offer transportation, skilled trades and energy programs. Many of these certificates, diplomas and associates degrees which vary by location, can be completed in 12 months or less. They include:

30-Week Wind Turbine Technician

30- to 39-Week Industrial Maintenance Technician

36-Week Welding Technology

36-Week Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining Technology

9-Month Advanced Non-Destructive Testing

39-Week Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Refrigeration (HVACR)

48-Week Motorcycle Technician Training

45-Week Diesel Technology

51-Week Automotive Technology

51-Week Marine Technician Specialist

51-Week Robotics and Automation Technician

Dental, Nursing, and Allied Healthcare Programs at Concorde Career Colleges

Concorde has 17 campuses across eight states offering nursing, dental, respiratory care, diagnostic, and other allied healthcare programs. Most diploma programs can be completed in 12 months or less, depending on transfer credits and course schedules. These include:

2-Month Phlebotomy Technician

4-Month Sterile Processing Technician

8-Month Dental Assistant

8-Month Medical Assistant

8-Month Medical Office Administrator

8-Month Pharmacy Technician

12 to 13-Month Practical/Vocational Nursing

Concorde also offers accelerated bachelor’s and associate degree programs in dental hygiene, nursing, respiratory therapy, surgical technology, healthcare administration, and more for healthcare workers who want to further advance in their fields or switch professions and earn additional credentials. We also offer online bachelor’s degrees in nursing and dental hygiene for those who have completed their associate degrees.

For financially-savvy students focused on an education that enables them to quickly prepare to enter the workforce at a lower cost than many traditional four-year degree options, the programs we offer provide an accredited and supportive education for in-demand careers. For more information on our transportation, skilled trades and energy programs, visit You can learn more about our healthcare programs at



About the author: 

Sherrell Smith is the Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, UTI, Inc.


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