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Embracing Cultural Pride: Empowering Hispanic Futures in Higher Education

Dr. Godinez explores the intertwining of Hispanic heritage and the Back-to-School experience, highlighting cultural pride, educational challenges, and empowering futures. It emphasizes how cultural pride shapes identity, addresses educational obstacles, and empowers Hispanic students to advocate for their community and future generations through higher education

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Hispanic Community December 2023 Premium

Why did the Supreme Court Exempt Military Academies?

The Supreme Court’s decision barring the use of race in college admissions triggered a nationwide decline in minority enrollments. However, a footnote exempts military academies, citing “potentially distinct interests” crucial for national security. The Department of Defense has argued that diversity is vital for a strong, effective military, although critics question the exemption’s rationale.

Hispanic Community September 2023 Premium

What the Census Tells Us

Gustavo A. Mellander explores the historical context of censuses from ancient Babylon to modern U.S. practices. It discusses recent research on young Hispanic educational achievements, challenges, and the need for innovative strategies to support underserved populations in higher education.

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Emerging Hispanic Serving Institutions’ Readiness for Student Success

Emerging Hispanic Serving Institutions (EHSIs) are increasing in number, and this growth is leading institutional leaders and stakeholders to focus on creating an inclusive environment for Latinx/e students to succeed. Consequently, adopting a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) framework to improve student success and implementing measurable goals for inclusivity are key aspects of becoming a successful HSI.