Ricardo Stevan

Ricardo Stevan, Director of Communications at HOLA, is a multifaceted artist excelling in various fields. He holds a master’s degree in marketing and is the founder and director of Fábrica de Estrellas, an artistic company based in New York focusing on the production of musical theater and audiovisual shows. As a writer, he has published the book “Arcadia, la batalla de las Hadas” with Planeta Editorial in Spain. As a singer, he has recorded singles, commercials, and voiceovers, earning him a nomination for the 2023 Latin Grammy. In his roles as an actor and director, he has been involved in various theater, television, and film productions, as well as producing award-winning and recognized shows.


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HOLA: A Beacon of Light for Latino Artists

The Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA), founded in 1975, champions Latino talent in the arts, promoting diversity and cultural heritage through various programs and events. Transitioning to the Hispanic Organization of Latin Artists, HOLA now supports Latino artists across all creative disciplines, fostering success and visibility globally.