October Issue 2017

President's Issue


In this issue of Hispanic Outlook we:

• Give Honors and Ovations to Dr. Miguel Martinez-Saenz as the newly installed 19th president of St. Francis College and to schools offering 19 programs that are among those recognized as most effective in nation at increasing Latino student success in college. And while we also honor Miami Dade College’s North Campus Dean of Faculty for being chosen one of 2017 Hispanic Women of Distinction, we pay tribute to William Paterson University’s Kathleen Waldron, who is retiring in 2018 after serving as the school’s president for the past 8 years. 

• Enter Scholars Corner to learn about the reinvigorating power of the 2017 AAHHE National Conference by Gabriel Rodriguez 

• Present our round-up of what's happening in Washington in Uncensored Peggy Orchowski

• Pay attention to the question: can Latino parents compete with technology—and do they need to? by Miquela Rivera in Parental Guidance Suggested 

• Focus on Career Tips and Trends for Latino professors as we pose the question: To pursue a new job or to stay put by Gary M. Stern

• Spotlight College Prep tips exploring how partnership helps Latinos find their way to college by Jordan Waidelich and how to succeed in college with a disability 

• Explore CasaCuba: A Home for All Things Cuban at FIU in our School Newspaper by Stephen Byrd

• Review the works of René Saldaña, Jr., an associate professor at Texas Tech University in our School Library. We also are taking a look at titles from university presses across the country

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