May Issue 2017

Financing Education


In this issue of Hispanic Outlook we

· Assess President Trump’s Relationship With U.s. Latinos in Latino Kaleidoscope

· Say Let’s Discuss Public, Private Nonprofit and Private for-profit Schools With a Look at the High Cost of a Higher Education 

· Examine Money Matters With a Series of Articles Including How New York Offers Free Tuition and Why It Doesn’t Always Mean Free College as Well as the Efforts of Millennial Parents to Create Savings for College Costs and the Multiyear Council of Graduate Schools-tiaa Research Initiative on 15 College Campuses 

· Explain Parental Involvement in Their Children’s Education as Presented in Parent Guidance Suggested 

· Offer News About Scholarships and Grants Including Arkansas College’s 2-year Tuition and Fees Grant, Unh Tuition-free Program for Pell Grant Freshmen, the University of Akron’s New Scholarship Program, Uh Efforts to Offer Community College Students Free Education Through Hawaii’s Promise Scholarship Program, and We Pose the Question Could Pell Grants Work Year-round?

· Spread the News Through Our School Newspaper About Incentives to Nursing Students Offered by West Virginia University, a New Financial Literacy Program at the University of Southern California, a Schwab Project With to Fund Financial Literacy in Public Schools, Comcast Nbcuniversal’s $21,000 Award to Twelve Vermont High School Seniors, and the Number One Ranking in Upward Mobility for Cal State Los Angeles

· And Are Proud to Feature the 2017 Pura Belpré Award Winning and Honors Books in Our School Library as Well as Look at Titles That Explore Financing a College Education

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