February 2018 Issue

Top 25 Community Colleges for Hispanics 2018


In this issue of Hispanic Outlook we:

• give The Hispanic P.O.V. on community colleges, social invisible and politics in the U.S.

• honor Houston Community College and their work to help their community rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, as well as 

• William Paterson University’s and Madan, North Dakota’s efforts to help the citizens of Puerto Rico impacted by Hurricane Maria

• showcase the top community colleges in the U.S. and in particular the achievement of Latinas at these schools 

• feature 10 Hispanic-Serving Institutions and how they are positively impacting their students’ lives

• spotlight teachers from Panama who are currently attending an eight-week bilingual program at Stockton University 

•  return to the Scholars Corner to learn about how the AAHHE Conference offers motivating networking and networking opportunities

• investigate innovations in education including how a community college in Kansas is offering a new drone degree program, as well as “App-etizing” programs for Hispanic students

• look into how El Paso Community College is a model for success for increasing educational attainment

• discover how Northwest Vista College is dismantling “the great math barrier” with a college-wide approach to learning

• explore how San Antonio College is creating a welcoming “home” for its nearly 20,000 students

• tackle the issue of gun control and keeping our students safe at schools across the country

• debunk the concept of being “career ready” out of high school

• go beyond the classroom with an uncensored look at what’s happening in Washington

• hear from Faculty Voices and how AAHHE members give each other strength both personally and professionally

• ask the tough questions about free tuition and if it is a good investment 

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Table of Content