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Babson Study Distance Education Enrollment Growth Continues, Courtesy of the Babson Survey Research Group

The 2015 Survey of Online Learning conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group in partnership with the Online Learning Consortium (OLC), Pearson, WCET, StudyPortals and Tyton Partners and released this year reveals the number of higher education students taking at least one distance education course in 2015 is up 3.9 percent over the previous year. Growth, however, was uneven; private non-profit institutions grew by 11.3 percent while private for-profit institutions saw their distance enrollments decline by 2.8 percent. These and other findings were published in a report titled, “Online Report Card: Tracking Online Education in the United States.”

Global May 2016 Premium

Rutgers Mini-MBA Program Reaching out to Veterans, by Gary M. Stern

To strengthen and improve the business careers of veterans, Rutgers Business School introduced a mini-MBA program, Business Management for Military and Veterans, in fall 2015. Veterans who participate in this Executive Education program earn a non-credit certificate. The hope is if they like the program and demonstrate the right aptitude and skills, they’ll enroll in a full MBA program.

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New Report Highlights Promise of Holistic Graduate Admissions To Increase Diversity

The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) has released a report that outlines the findings of a year-long research project on holistic graduate admissions. Supported by Hobsons, a student recruitment and college admissions consultant company, the project takes a look at emerging best practices and surveys more than 500 university admissions professionals to better understand the current state of graduate admissions at U.S. institutions.

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The Electoral Process and the Future of Higher Education in the US, by Dr. Priscilla Gac-Artigas

Recently in the White House Rose Garden--a place traditionally used by presidents to meet the press, receive distinguished visitors and make public policy announcements--Vice President Joe Biden announced to the Nation that he would not run for president. Nevertheless, his speech was a presidential speech with substantive content. One of the issues he addressed that struck us the most was his proposal for free higher education as a mechanism for reducing the enormous and growing social inequality in the country while ensuring economic growth. Vice President Biden thus highlighted the need to reform an unfair educational system, a system that deepens inequities by denying the students from disadvantaged sectors the opportunity to pursue a college degree.

Global July 2015 Premium

California Colleges Lead in First Round of MLB 2015 Draft and the Dominican Republic Dominates Top International Draft Prospects

Hundreds of hopeful athletes have a chance to become professional major league baseball players each year during the Major League Baseball or MLB First-Year Player Draft. This three-day event, which ended June 10, involved 40 rounds where teams such as the Yankees, the Cardinals and the Red Sox negotiate for their top picks to join their ranks.