July Issue 2017

Top Medical and Health Care schools for hispanics


In this issue of Hispanic Outlook we:

· Give Honors and Ovations to Top Medical and Healthcare Schools for Hispanics and Sound the Alarm About the Disappearing Hispanic Physician

· Take Aim in Targeting Higher Education About Hispanic Household Income, Hsis and Bad Loans

· Explore Medicine and Health Sciences in an Article Entitled “want to Live Longer? Graduate College!”

· Put the Spotlight on: Nursing in a Trio of Articles About the Need for Bilingual Nurses, the Consequence of Cuts to the Federal Budget to Nursing Care and a New Partnership Promoting Healthy Hispanic Lifestyles 

· Offer Career Tips and Trends Highlighting the Top Healthcare Career and Most in-demand Healthcare Jobs

· Reveal the Latest Scholarships and Grants Including Drexel University’s $12m Grant for Urban-life Health Study and a $50,000 Innovation Grant to Princeton. And We Pose the Question: What Would You Do With a $58m Grant?

· Enter Scholars Corner for a Look at a Familia of Scholars From the Latest Aahhe Conference: 

· Explore Rutgers’ New Website Providing Mental and Behavioral Health Resources for Teens and Introduce the University of Houston’s New Dean of Its College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences – All Part of Our School Newspaper 

· And Proudly Feature the Works of Pat Mora in Our School Library

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Table of Content