January 2018 Issue

Technology Issue and Net Neutrality


In this issue of Hispanic Outlook we:

• Explore the Hispanic Student College Institute event at Montclair State University of New Jersey 

• Give Honors and Ovations to Hispanic-Serving Institutions that promote enrollment and retention of Hispanic students

• Tackle the sensitive subject of familia-based nerd bullying and how to overcome it

• Go beyond the classroom with the Sally Ride Science Junior Academy at UC San Diego, a program designed to inspire young girls

• Return to the Scholars Corner to learn about the importance of finding inspiration and having encouragement in the field of academia

• Discover the latest innovations in the classroom including how more than half of college students prefer classes that use digital learning technology

• Look into a possible future where Artificial Intelligence could have a farther-reaching impact on the job market than ever originally imagined

• Ask the tough questions about Net Neutrality and what it means for the future of the United States 

• Check in at the School Library as we feature the works of the late D.H. Figueredo and take a look at titles from university presses across the country

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Table of Content