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This month featuring books on Studying and Learning Abroad from Amazon & Latin American Affairs from the University of Notre Dame Press


Author: Samantha Kaiser

Publisher: Samantha \ Kaiser

ISBN-13: 9781734808407

Sometimes it's easier for us to want to stay in the safety zone instead of stepping into personal growth. Sometimes we spend our time trying to avoid failure so much that we actually miss out on the opportunity in front of us. Studying abroad can seem scary and overwhelming, but anything that involves growth does. 

Become A Better You Abroad outlines how you can develop and strengthen ten important skills that will improve your life. 

After you’ve read this book you’ll have a clear understanding of the benefits of studying abroad. 


Author: R. Michael Paige, Andrew D. Cohen, Barbara Kappler & 3 more.

Publisher:   University of Minnesota Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition

ISBN-13: 9780972254557

Aimed at students who want to make the most of their study abroad experience, this flexible and user-friendly guide helps students identify and use a wide variety of language and culture learning strategies. The Guide begins with three inventories designed to help students be more aware of how they currently learn language and culture. The following sections provide students with tools and creative activities to enhance their favored learning strategies and try out unfamiliar ones. Students can use this guide as they prepare for study abroad, during their experience, and once they return.


Author: Holly Oberle

Publisher: Agapy LLC

ISBN-13: 9780972132893

For students who want to travel, this book is about how to get an international education, a degree, undergraduate and graduate, and a new perspective on life and the world. It's for those who are interested in pursuing a diploma abroad in addition to or en lieu of a study abroad experience. It covers everything you need to know about going to college in another country, from before you leave to after you return. Pursuing a degree abroad is smart; it is also the wave of the future, where students get a great education and a global competitive advantage.


Authors: Richard Slimbach

Publisher: Stylus Publishing

ISBN-13: 9781579223472

This book is intended to help the new generation of ethical and educational travelers broaden their cultural horizons while making a contribution to their host community.

Richard Slimbach offers a framework for pre-field preparation that considers practical learning strategies needed to enter deeply into a host culture. It also features an in-depth look at the post-sojourn process, helping the reader integrate the experiences and insights from the field into her or his studies and personal life. This book constitutes a vital road map for anyone intent on having their whole being-body, mind, and heart-stretched through the intercultural experience.


Author: Ignacio Walker

Publisher: Notre Dame Press

ISBN-13: 9780268019723

Democracy in Latin America: Between Hope and Despair explores both the possibilities and difficulties of establishing a stable democracy in Latin America.

Walker argues that, throughout the past century, Latin American history has been marked by the search for alternatives to the crisis of oligarchic rule and the struggle to replace the oligarchic order with a democratic one. Based on an analysis of the interactions of political, economic, and social factors, Walker maintains that it is primarily the actors, institutions, and public policies—not structural determinants—that create progress or regression in Latin American democracy.


Author: Jean M. Wilkowski

Publisher:  Notre Dame Press

ISBN-13: 9780268044138

Born in an era when few women sought professional careers, Wilkowski graduated from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and the University of Wisconsin and then rose through the ranks at the Department of State, from Vice Consul to the first woman U.S. Ambassador to an African country and the first woman acting U.S. Ambassador in Latin America. She served during a revolution in Bogotá, attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa, and the war between El Salvador and Honduras, when she called in U.S. humanitarian aid for 50,000 war-displaced persons.


Edited by Ernest J. Bartell, C.S.C., Alejandro O’Donnell

Publisher: Notre Dame Press

ISBN-13: 9780268022587

Although most Latin American countries are considered middle-income nations, their child health and well-being statistics overall compare poorly with those of the United States. This volume, representing the fifth part of Project Latin America 2000 from the Helen Kellogg Institute, brings together contributors from the U.S., Latin America, and organizations such as UNICEF to consider the physical, educational, social, legal, and economic status and progress of children throughout Latin America, focusing especially on health --such as trends in malnutrition and undernutrition, contaminated water, and rights issues including youth violence, child labor and education.


Author:  Laura Gómez-Mera

Publisher: Notre Dame Press

ISBN-13: 9780268029852

In Power and Regionalism in Latin America: The Politics of MERCOSUR, Laura Gómez-Mera examines, through detailed empirical analyses, the erratic patterns of regional economic cooperation in the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), a political-economic agreement among Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and, recently, Venezuela that comprises the world’s fourth-largest regional trade bloc. Despite a promising start in the early 1990s, MERCOSUR has had a tumultuous and conflict-ridden history. Yet it has survived, expanding in membership and institutional scope. What explains its survival, given a seemingly contradictory mix of conflict and cooperation?

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