2024 Calendar of Events in the U.S. and Latin America – Part II

Hispanic Community July 2024 PREMIUM

In January, Hispanic Outlook published a calendar of events for the first half of the year. In this issue, we present readers with the second part of this calendar:  a list of all national holidays and key electoral, cultural and international events that will take place over the next six months across the U.S. and Latin America.

Some of the key political events that will take place in the second half of 2024 include  the Republican and Democratic Party Conventions, leading up to the much-awaited Presidential Elections in the United States; Presidential elections in Uruguay and Venezuela; the inauguration of the newly-elected President in Mexico; and key municipal elections in Brazil and Chile. Other important events include the final of the Soccer Copa América this month, and the G20 Summit in Brazil at the end of the year.


1st: Feast of St Peter and St Paul, Colombia

1st: Army Day, Guatemala

4th: Independence Day, USA and Puerto Rico

5th: Independence Day, Venezuela

9th: Independence Day, Argentina

14th: Copa América final, scheduled for Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, USA

16th: Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Chile

18th: Constitution Day, Uruguay

15th -18th:  Republican Party (GOP) Convention (USA)

19th: Liberation Day/Sandinista Revolution Day, Nicaragua

20th: Independence Day, Colombia

23rd: Air Force Day, Peru

24th: Simon Bolivar’s Birthday, Venezuela

25th: Guanacaste Day, Costa Rica

25th: Constitution Day, Puerto Rico

25th: Revolution Anniversary, Cuba

26th: National Revolution Day, Cuba

27th: Revolution Anniversary Celebration, Cuba

28th: Presidential Election, Venezuela

28th – 29th: Independence Day and Extended Holiday, Peru


1st: Emancipation Day, Belize

2nd: Virgin of Los Angeles Day, Costa Rica

6th: Independence Day, Bolivia

6th: Feast of San Salvador, El Salvador

6th: Battle of Junín, Peru

7th: Battle of Boyacá Day, Colombia

9th: Independence Day, Ecuador

15th: Assumption Day, Chile 

15th: Mother’s Day/Assumption Day, Costa Rica

15th: Founding of Asunción, Paraguay

16th: Restoration Day, Dominican Republic

19th: Assumption Day, Colombia

19th: San Martín Day, Argentina

19th -22nd: Democratic Party Convention (USA)

25th: Independence Day, Uruguay

30th: Santa Rosa de Lima Day, Peru

26th – 31st: World Uncer-20 Athletics Championships, Lima, Peru



1st: Day of the Black Person and Afro-Costa Rican Culture, Costa Rica

2nd: Labor Day, USA and Puerto Rico

7th: Independence Day, Brazil

9th: Saint George's Caye Day, Belize

14th: Battle of San Jacinto, Nicaragua

15th: Independence Day, Nicaragua

15th: Independence Day, Costa Rica

15th: Independence Day, El Salvador

15th: Independence Day, Guatemala

15th: Independence Day, Honduras

16th: Independence Day, Mexico

18th: Independence Day, Chile

19th-20th: Army Day and Extended Holiday, Chile

21st: Independence Day, Belize 

24th: Our Lady of Mercedes Day, Dominican Republic

29th: Boquerón Battle Victory Day, Paraguay



1st: Inauguration Day/Change of Federal Government, Mexico

3rd: Francisco Morazan's Birthday, Honduras

4th: Discovery of America Day/Dia de la Raza, Honduras

5th: Army Day, Honduras

6th: Municipal Elections (first round) and Mayor of Sao Paulo elections, Brazil

8th: Battle of Angamos, Peru

10th: Independence Day, Cuba

11th: Independence of Guayaquil Holiday, Ecuador

12th: Our Lady of Aparecida/Children’s Day, Brazil

12th: Day of Meeting of Two Worlds/Día de la Raza, Chile; Day of the Pluricultural Nation/Día de la Raza, Mexico; Day of Cultural Diversity/Día de la Raza, Uruguay; Indigenous Resistance Day, Venezuela

14th: Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity, Argentina; Indigenous Peoples' Resistance Day/Dia de la Raza, Belize; Columbus Day/Dia de la Raza, Colombia; Columbus Day/US Indigenous Peoples’ Day, USA; Dia de la Raza, Puerto Rico

17th: Day of Dignity, Bolivia 

20th: Revolution Day, Guatemala

27th: General elections – Presidency, Senate, Chamber of Representatives, Uruguay

27th: Municipal elections, Chile

28th: Public Service Day, Brazil

31st: Reformation Day, Chile



1st: All Saints Day (National/Public Holiday in Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela)

2nd: All Souls’ Day (National/Public Holiday in Bolivia, Brazil, El Salvador, Uruguay; known as Day of the Dead in Mexico)

3rd – 5th: Independence Day/Separation from Colombia Day, Flag Day, and Colón Day, Panama

4th: All Saints’ Day, Colombia

4th: Independence of Cuenca Holiday, Ecuador

4th: Constitution Day, Dominican Republic

5th: General Election – Presidency, Senate and House of Representatives, USA

10th – 11th: Uprising of Los Santos and Extended Holiday, Panama

11th: Independence of Cartagena Holiday, Colombia

11th: Veterans Day, USA and Puerto Rico

15th: Republic Proclamation Day, Brazil

15th – 17th: G20 Social Summit, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

18th – 19th: G20 Leaders’ Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the presence of the leaders of the 19 member countries, plus the African Union and the European Union

18th: National Sovereignty Day, Argentina

18th: Day of the Revolution, Mexico

19th: Garifuna Settlement Day, Belize

19th: Discovery Day, Puerto Rico

20th: Black Consciousness Day, Brazil (Regional Holiday across most of the country)

28th: Independence Day from Spain, Panama

28th: Thanksgiving Day, USA and Puerto Rico


1st: Abolition of the Army Day, Costa Rica

8th: Immaculate Conception (National/Public Holiday in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua, Peru)

8th: Mother’s Day, Panama

8th: Virgin of Caacupé Day, Paraguay

9th: Battle of Ayacucho, Peru

12th: Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico (Bank Holiday, widely observed)

20th: National Mourning Day, Panama

24th: Christmas Eve  (Half-day Government Holiday in Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala; Bank Holiday in Panama; Full day holiday in Venezuela)

25th: Christmas Day (National/Public Holiday in all countries; also called Day of the Family in Uruguay)

26th: Boxing Day, Belize

31st: New Year’s Eve – (Half-day Government Holiday in Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala; Bank Holiday in Panama, Paraguay; full day holiday in Venezuela, Cuba)


Notes and Sources

Note: This calendar includes all holidays designated as National, Government and Public Holidays, and a few essential, widely observed Bank Holidays. It includes the United States and all countries in Latin America, understood as countries with Spanish, Portuguese and French roots located in the Americas and the Caribbean. It excludes Suriname and Guyana in South America and the English-speaking nations of the Caribbean, which are all commonly considered to be part of the West Indies.

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