Latino Donor Collaborative: Latino Involvement in STEM Fields on the Rise

The Latino Donor Collaborative, alongside the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, highlights the growing presence of Latinos in STEM fields, particularly in engineering and technology. This trend counters an impending shortage in engineering and tech fields, highlighting the need for support from corporations, academia, and government to sustain competitiveness.

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Administration April 2024

Top 50 Community Colleges for Hispanics

Each year, Hispanic Outlook recognizes the invaluable support that community colleges across the country offer to Hispanic/Latino students, as part of their mission to provide opportunities to students from the widest spectrum of American society – particularly those who are better served by local, flexible course schedules, affordable fees and practical, career- oriented pathways. 

Hispanic Community September 2023 Premium

Embracing Cultural Pride: Empowering Hispanic Futures in Higher Education

Dr. Godinez explores the intertwining of Hispanic heritage and the Back-to-School experience, highlighting cultural pride, educational challenges, and empowering futures. It emphasizes how cultural pride shapes identity, addresses educational obstacles, and empowers Hispanic students to advocate for their community and future generations through higher education



Latest News

Global December 2018

84-Year-Old Woman Gets College Degree

The University of Texas at Dallas had a very special graduate in its ranks this week. Janet Fein, who is 84 years old, has earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology.

Global December 2018

$5B Wall Vs. Partial Government Shutdown

With the White House insisting on billions to build a border wall, a move that has met with lawmaker resistance from both parties, the government is facing a possible partial shutdown.

Global December 2018

Shutdown Looming; 10 Things To Know

The government may soon face a partial shutdown as President Trump insists on billions to build a border wall. A child’s death is underscoring language issues at the border.

Legal December 2018

Earn BA And Law Degree In 6 Years

SUNY Canton and the University at Buffalo School of Laws are launching a new program where students can earn a bachelor’s degree and a law degree in six years.

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